Press kit

CommFort is a local corporate chat and messaging service
with support for videoconferencing

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CommFort allows you to do the following:

• Exchange messages (individually and in groups)
• Transfer files of any size, whole folders at a time
• Post announcements and comments about them
• Show your desktop
• Transfer control over your computer to somebody else
• Place and receive both audio and video calls
• Hold videoconferences
And much more!

Videoconferencing is easy!

CommFort can create both synchronous (everyone can see and everyone is heard) and asynchronous (one person speaks) video conferences. You can show your desktop view. Audioconferencing without video is available. The administrator sets up all parameters on the server, the clients only have to click the "Connect to the conference" button.

Over 5,000 companies around the world have already chosen CommFort

Why CommFort?

All communication functions in one piece of software..

User-friendly. Our main priority is an easy and intuitive interface.

Easy to administrate. Everything can be managed from the server, even clients settings.

Privacy. Only you, and no one else, control the data you send. CommFort can also work on networks completely isolated from the Internet.

Unlimited history storage. The software is deployed using your resources, so you are the only one who can decide how long the data exchange history should be stored.

Convenient licensing arrangement. No monthly payments. Pay once and use as much as you want.

How to start?

It is very easy. Launch the server on one computer and the client on workstations, and enter the server's address when the client is first launched. On an Active Directory network, the entire process can be run from one computer irrespective of the number of workstations.

Try it out now!

Available for free: client, 30-day trial version of the server and full version of the server with basic functionality for 5 workstations.