Press kit


F. A. Q.

General questions

— How to start?

— Is there a version of CommFort for the Macintosh platform?

— Is there a version of CommFort for UNIX-style operating systems?

Questions regarding the client side

— I have started the CommFort client for the first time. What address should I enter?

— Is it possible to work simultaneously with several instances of the client on one PC?

— Are terminal clients supported?

Questions about the server side

— How do I implement access to the CommFort server from the internet?

— Is it possible to run the server side as a service?

— Is it possible to connect servers to each other?

Registration questions

— Will it be necessary to pay again for future versions?

— How can I upgrade the license?

— Can I use one licensed version of the CommFort server on several PCs?

— I saw an advertisement for a CommFort server license that is much cheaper than on the official site. Should I trust this advertisement?